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A logo suite can help ensure that your brand is represented consistently across all platforms and applications, while also giving you flexibility in terms of size, format, and placement. By having a suite of logos that are optimized for various contexts, you can maintain a cohesive brand identity while also adapting to different design needs.


Premium Logo Suite


This Premium logo includes:

  • Main logo
  •  Secondary Logo 
  • Submark logo 
  • Branding Template (shows your logo variations, colors and textures used, fonts, and inspiration). 
  • Turn around time for design is 10-14 business days. 


  • Business days do NOT include the weekend. 


  • There is a 3 revision limit only. After that, a fee is required per additional revision of $25


  • All revisions require an additional 3-4 business days


  • No Refunds

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