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Please read carefully through the Terms & Conditions associated with K. Moore Designs. By reading these terms and conditions you are agreeing to the terms K.Moore Designs has put in place. 

Please understand that at any time, K. Moore Designs has the right to change and/or edit our Terms & Conditions and pricing without notice.

Any projects started on or before the adjusted price change (or Terms & Conditions) will continue to remain as is.

  • How long is your turn around rate?
    Please allow 5-6 business days for logos,highlights,insta story templates, business cards, ticket design, invitions, flyers, e-flyer, branding templates. Websites allow 2 weeks (keep in mind if you do not send me all information that is needed on your site the turnaround will be longer). If you get printed items for pickup turnaorund is a week, printed items that need to be shipped 2 weeks. (Turnaround times are subject to change depending on workload)
  • How long does it take items to ship?
    Allow two weeks for design and print items. Items may come way sooner, it all depends on how fast we finalize a design.
  • Do you Charge for revisions?
    Yes you get three revisions after that each revison made will be $25 extra.
  • After I make my purchase what do I do next?
    After your purchase is made I will email you at the email address on file. Please make sure the correct email is on file at checkout. You will be sent details on information I will need to get started on your design.
  • I already have an idea on how I want something can I send you a picture?
    Yes. If you already have an idea on how you would like me to design your product please send pictures or describe, it really helps me so I can give you exaclty what you are envisioning.
  • When purchasing a website what site do you use?
    I use either Squarespace or Wix when making your website.(If there is another site you rather me use please let me know). I will provide the pricing and packages both sites offer so you can choose which one you prefer me to use. Please keep in mind your paying for me to make the website, after I fully design the site its up to you to purchase the hosting subscription to make your site live. I will provide a video showing how to run your website but any other technical difficulties you may have please reach out to the site techs.
  • I already have a site through squarespace or wix I just want the design changed will I get charged the same price?
    If you already have a site that's fully designed and you just need me to change the first page I will not charge full price. I offer revamping fees per page. Please keep in mind revamping is only for design. If you need me to add product you will be charged.
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