Please read carefully through the Terms & Conditions associated with K. Moore Designs. By reading these terms and conditions you are agreeing to the terms K.Moore Designs has put in place. 

Please understand that at any time, K. Moore Designs has the right to change and/or edit our Terms & Conditions and pricing without notice.

Any projects started on or before the adjusted price change (or Terms & Conditions) will continue to remain as is.


All pricing on K. Moore Designs is subject to change at any time and become effective upon posting to the site. If K. Moore Designs agreed to a price before changes on the site have been made, the client/customer will get the same pricing as agreed too. All pyaments should be made throught the site. You can Pay in full or a 50% non- refundable deposit is required before starting a project. All remaining unpaid balances are due once you’ve approved your design. Once final payment is received your files will be sent. Payments are made through debit/credit cards, PayPal, Zelle, or Sezzle. If needing to pay through cash app send to $khadejahmoore.

Refunds/ Cancellations

K. Moore Designs does not provide refunds on any service that was provided unless we’ve agreed upon. Once payment is made the project will begin and a draft will be given in the time frame I have provided to you. Please keep in mind your project time frame for completion: revisions may be needed, I may take longer to make the revision prior to other work. If at any time you end up canceling your order and you paid partial or full payment you will not be refunded that money. All artwork ownership will remain K. Moore Designs property and will not be sent to the client for their ownership. If the project is in the final stages, ownership will be transferred to client once full payment is received. If at any point I feel the client is being disrespectful, or hostile during the process I have the right to cancel the project at any given moment. If the project has already started your payment becomes non refundable. If the project has not started and only conversation has been made you will receive a full refund and your project will be canceled.


Drafts are for approval only they are not to be copied, manipulated, or distributed to any person or company without permission from K. Moore Designs.


K. Moore Designs has a 3 revision policy, after that any revision made after the third will require an extra payment of $25 for each additional revision. If the client is not willing to pay for the revision the client will either have to choose their final project from the revisions K.Moore Designs made or cancel the project and the client will not be refunded, and will not be sent any final projects.

Turnaround Time

Turn around times vary depending on the project.

Standard turnaround time is 6 business days. This time frame is for logos, business cards,flyers etc. I do provide a rush fee on certain items for a 24-48 hr timeframe. It is an additonal cost on top of the original price.

Websites and Web Revamps take up to 14 business days. This time frame is only valid if I recieve all informaion on the day the website is purchased. Please keep in mind the longer it takes for me to recieve the proper infromation the longer it will take for you to receive your design. If at any point you need your website rushed there is a fee and it can be done in 7 Business days excluding weekends.

Turnaround times can vary and depends on my workload. This is just an estimate. I will always email you with the correct turnaround or if there may be a delay due to natural casues, illness etc.

Please keep in mind your turnaround time starts the following business day if information is sent the day you purcahsed.Example: Purchase on Monday project time will start on Tuesday. However for example: if you Purchase on Monday for a logo and do not send information over till Friday your turnaround time starts on Friday the weekends are non working days you would then recieve your draft on the following Friday. (this is for a 6 day turnaround time).


All communication should be through email, or text. Please no phone calls unless we have discussed having a phone conversation. Website verbiage needs to be typed out in a word document. (NO EXCEPTIONS). This makes it easier for the design process to run smoother and quicker. Multiple emails can be confusing and delay the process to avoid that please take your time when sending over information. If at any time you have a question about your order please email me at kmooredesignn@gmail.com.


Logo Designs will be sent JPG,PNG,PDF. and AI (Ask for additional files). Other digital projects are sent in JPG or PNG format. PSD files are available upon request at an additional cost. Once project has been finalized and files have been sent you own the rights to what you have purchased. Client gives K. Moore Designs the right to use work in portfolio and/ or marketing purposes.

Once the final file is sent your project is considered completed. If at any point you need anything fixed or changed afterwards there is an additonal fee.

Clients Who Ghost

Once a project is paid for rather a full or half deposit the client is required to provide information for their design. If there is a delay to send information at any given time it is up to you as the client to communicate with me. I understand things can happen and I will work with you if you communicate with me on what's going on and check in to give updates. If however there is no communication after 48 days there will be a $150 restart fee. If I dont hear from you in 3 months (90 days) your project will be canceled and no refund will be given. This policy will be enforced! As a designer it messes up my schedule and projects for clients when you go ghost and then come back trying to finish up a project. Its not fair to me or my clients to have to fit you in at a unreasonable time. My time is valuable please be considerate of it as I am to yours.